About The Coalition for Advancing Transit

Individuals, families, businesses, local governments and community groups in Southeastern Wisconsin have felt the serious impacts of a dwindling transit system over the past decade.  An investment in the transit infrastructure for our community is vital to promoting a strong economic future and the ability to compete with similar regions across the nation.

The Coalition for Advancing Transit (C.A.T.) was formed as a result of the recommendations from the Urban Economic Development Association’s (UEDA) Seventh Annual Community Development Summit.  The Coalition’s mission is to foster regional cooperation, political and community support for the preservation, improvement and expansion of public transit to serve residents, businesses and visitors throughout southeastern Wisconsin through outreach, education and advocacy. It is comprised of over 200 individual members and supporters, and is supported by a steering committee and the staff of UEDA.  We work to facilitate a unified voice and ensure that actions are taken to address the critical and urgent need for transit solutions in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Members of the Coalition for Advancing Transit endorse the following principles:

  • A vibrant, modern TRANSIT SYSTEM is a fundamental part of a successful and sustainable economy in the region.
  • A permanent regional transit authority in Southeast Wisconsin in 2009 is critical to providing regional coordination, creating a united voice to access local funding and federal investments, and advancing efficient REGIONAL LINKAGES for jobs and economic growth.
  • A dedicated funding source for transit is vital in 2009 to provide ADEQUATE, STABLE FUNDING for transit and prevent significant cuts in service.
  • A dedicated 0.5% sales tax for transit will provide PROPERTY TAX RELIEF by removing local transit costs from the property tax.

Our Members include over 304 individuals and groups who have endorsed the principles above and signed onto the Coalition.  Our partners include those listed along the left under “WI Transit Partners”, as well as these Key Supporters.

Learn More
If you would like to learn more about transit issues in Milwaukee or would like us to present to your group, members of the Coalition for Advancing Transit and its supporting organizations are available to meet and present.

Contact Kristi at the Urban Economic Development Association of WI (UEDA) at 414.562.9904 or kristi@uedawi.org to get connected or to set up a presentation/meeting. Also, be sure to join the C.A.T. listserv so you can receive the latest updates and information on transit issues in SE WI.