Summer is underway and that means festival season and everything else that southeast Wisconsin has to offer!  Below are some transit-related links to resources and information that will help you get around and stay in touch.

  • Downtown Trolley is now in operation, and runs Wednesdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. through September 8.  The trolley goes past major downtown destinations and connects to shops, restaurants, spas and salons.  Rides are $1 round trip – click here for a map.
  • MCTS “Straight to the Gate” will be up and running again this summer, with dedicated service to many Milwaukee events, thanks to the use of one-time federal CMAQ funds for 2012-2013. Visit the MCTS Event Season page for all the details, and travel to Polish Fest, Summerfest, State Fair, Brewers Games, Festa Italiana and more!
  • Also, MCTS reported that bike use on buses doubled through April 30, 2012, with over 29,000 bicycles transported, as compared to last year through the same period.  It’s a great way to get around and for more information on how to use the bike racks (including a video demonstration), visit their Bikes on Buses page.

The Federal Transportation bill expired over 989 days ago, but Coalition partners across the country continue to work with Congress to “get moving on a transformational bill.”  Visit the Transportation For America website and get involved so you can stay in touch with the latest updates.

Coalition for Advancing Transit partners and members continue to work on building a sustainable and broad coalition that will hopefully forward some action by state and local legislators in the next year.  We will continue to ask them to support and invest in our regional transit system, which is key link to economic opportunity for many in southeastern Wisconsin.  Stay tuned!

Save the Date!  October 8-10, 2012: Minnesota and Wisconsin Public Transportation Conference.  Held in La Crosse, WI.  Conference Website

Below you’ll find some article links, including a recent one about efforts by MCTS and UW-Milwaukee to develop a smartphone app that would let bus riders access real-time bus location data and what Generation Y is thinking when it comes to cars.