Over the past few weeks, the impact of cuts in state funding and a lack of dedicated funding for our local bus systems were the subject of a series of public listening sessions.  Individuals and groups spoke to local elected officials about their concerns if bus service and paratransit service were reduced further.  Scroll down for links to articles and other media that covered the issue.

The Milwaukee County Board Committee on Finance and Audit are holding public Listening Sessions on September 14, 21 and 26.  This is a great opportunity for you to show your suppport and concern for bus service!  Click here for details.

Also, the UWM Center for Economic Development released a new study of the Milwaukee County Transit System.  “An Analysis of the Impact of Proposed 2012 Milwaukee County Transit Service Reductions on Access to Employment,” finds that proposed cuts for 2012 would result in the loss of bus service to 997 employers in the Milwaukee metro area.  At a minimum, 13,553 jobs in locations currently served by the transit system would become inaccessible by transit.  The study demonstrates how important a transit system is to the economic health of our region.  Access the full study at the UWM CED website.

We encourage you to stay engaged in this issue as Milwaukee County elected officials move forward with the 2012 budget process.  Remember to contact your elected officials with your concerns and support for transit and buses – we will keep you updated as things happen.

Moving Forward Together
Coalition for Advancing Transit