Since the State Budget process concluded at the end of June, we are starting to see what the policy changes will mean for local communities in Wisconsin.  We thank you for your continued support and efforts over the past 6-8 months as we’ve worked to ensure that our local transit systems remain intact.

Throughout this time, our vision for an efficient regional transit network that builds prosperity in neighborhoods and business districts has not changed despite these challenges.  Fundamentally, this means we will continue to work to preserve and strengthen local transit systems, while keeping our eye on the potential to continue working to establish a Regional Transit Authority for SE WI.

2012 Milwaukee County Budget
To cope with a 10% cut in State transit aids, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) has recommended the largest one-time reduction of service in its 150-year history, affecting nearly all routes.  (Visit our new webpage to see details on these cuts or view the Milwaukee County 2012 Budget Summary).

The depth and speed of these proposed service changes and reductions will most likely have a negative impact on the economic recovery in SE WINow is the time to learn more and have a voice in the shape of transportation in Milwaukee County.

What Can You Do?

There are several opportunities to learn more about the proposed budgets, voice your opinion to elected officials, and help shape transportation in Milwaukee County.  Please attend and speak up at these important budget dialogs.

Milwaukee County Executive Budget Listening Sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug 24 and 25 and stay tuned for details on two upcoming Community Sessions in early September.  Click here for more details.

Also, if you are from Milwaukee County, it is important that your elected representatives hear from you about your concerns.  Send them a letter or call them and let them know you want transit services to remain intact.  We have updated our website to include contact information for Milwaukee County representatives.

Other Updates

Scroll down for a list of articles and links – the State budget gave us both major wins for transit along with huge challenges.  For example, the KRM Commuter project is now on hold and the Milwaukee Streetcar project advanced…a busy year indeed.

As we move forward, C.A.T. continues to inform and engage people on the need for an affordable and efficient regional transit system.  This will open up job and education opportunities, spur economic development, and help revitalize neighborhoods and business districts in SE WI – along one of the State’s most important economic corridors.

We will keep you informed as the 2012 County Budget moves forward – our website has Fact Sheets and other information about what we can expect in terms of the impact on our local transit systems.

Moving Forward Together
Coalition for Advancing Transit