Thanks for all of your work on transit over the past months and weeks!  Although this has been a tough budget cycle, we do have some wins to celebrate.  Two weeks ago the Joint Finance Committee voted on key transportation provisions, including a very big vote to keep transit in the Transportation Fund (this is very positive news!) and the creation of a $5 million fund for para-transit over the next two years.

However, a few key items remain unresolved that could have a detrimental impact on local transit systems in WI.  Many legislators are still discussing options, which include:

  • How to reduce the 10% cut in transit aids.
  • Addressing the collective bargaining changes so that Federal funding of some $46 million in transit aid is not affected or jeopardized.

Our State Legislators need to hear loud and clear how integral keeping our transit systems intact is to a growing economy.  Now is the time to reach out and remind them of the benefits of transit and the consequences of transit cuts.  Legislators will go into caucus early next week and begin voting on the State Budget.

Take Action!  Now’s the time to show transit has strong support.

Contact one or more of these legislators by THIS Tuesday, June 14 and ask them to preserve our transit systems.  Thank them for their hard work – we kept transit in the transportation fund but we need them to go further.


  1. We need to restore the 10% cut in State transit aids – only $12 million (or 5%) out of the $6.4 billion Transportation fund will keep our local transit systems at the current level and able to cope with rising fuel prices, while providing essential services.
  2. We need to remove transit workers from the collective bargaining provisions so that WI does not forfeit $46 million in Federal transit funds

Or, write a Letter to the Editor – state why you think transit is so important to our State’s economy and quality of life.  Visit our Media Outreach and Facts pages for tips and talking points.

Lastly, scroll down for links to many transit-related articles, radio shows and upcoming events such as June 16 – National Dump the Pump Day.  The latest Transit Savings Report from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) shows that a two person household that downsizes to one car can save — on the average — more than $10,000 a year.

Don’t forget to contact your legislators by Tuesday, June 14!  We will keep you updated as the budget process continues.  Thank you for your hard work and support!

Moving Forward Together
The Coalition for Advancing Transit


Dump the Pump Day-June 16, 2011 National Dump the Pump Day encourages people to ride public transportation (instead of driving) and save money.   Riding public transit is one way to beat high gas prices.   Visit to access Fuel and Carbon Savings Calculators and more…

WUWM Project Milwaukee “Southern Connection” series (June 6-10):  A series of stories discussing the benefits and drawbacks of linking Milwaukee and Chicago in a regional corridor.  Most of these stories discuss transportation, including a special forum of civic leaders, planners and business leaders.  On their page, click on “Radio Reports” and other links to learn more.