Today’s a great day to celebrate the benefits and opportunities that transit and other forms of public transportation bring to our lives and communities.  In that spirit, we wanted to bring you these resources and links that will help you and your friends, colleagues and networks join us in this effort.

Did you know?

  • Milwaukee County Transit (MCTS) does a number of things to make public transportation even greener.  For example, they provide 46 MILLION passenger trips annually, saving 54,000 tons of C02.  Learn more about how MCTS helps individuals and our community reduce the carbon footprint here.
  • Most people in metropolitan areas face choices when it comes to travel – car, transit, bike or walk?  These decisions have a huge impact on our wallets, on the environment and on our quality of life.  Hear real stories from experts and colorful people in this 4-part documentary series by HumanKind, “Passengers.”  Their website also has great links and resources related to the choice of using public transportation.
  • Of all freight-transportation options, rail is the most environmentally friendly way to move goods over land.  According to this recent series showcasing CSX Rail innovations that encourage environmental sustainability, if just 10% of the nation’s freight were shifted to rail, fuel savings would approach one billion gallons annually.  Learn more about Rail efforts in Wisconsin here.
  • The American Public Transportation Association website is a great resource for information on how public transportation helps our environment and connects our communities.  The recent Federal budget agreement contains significant impacts on the ability to fund future public transportation initiatives.  It’s important that we also let our Congressional Representatives know the importance of maintaining our transit assets and expanding our mobility options.  Click here to take action now.

A person can make the biggest reduction of their household carbon footprint by switching to public transit, saving 4,800 pounds of C02 a year!  Learn how you can Ride the bus and go green with MCTS.  Lastly, our Facts Page contains updated information and new links on the benefits of public transportation to be sure to check it out.

Moving Forward Together
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