Grigsby, Bernard Schaber Act to Save Federal Transit Funding
The Grigsby-Bernard Schaber Act is an amendment to AB11, the Budget Adjustment Bill, that will save $46.6 million annually in Federal transit aides.  Under the current AB11 many transit systems in Wisconsin stand to lose up to 50% of their funding.  This unintended consequence affects urban and rural transit programs across the state. Although not all transit systems will be impacted directly, the dramatic drop in the pool of transit funding would have a significant impact in many Wisconsin communities.

Transit is key to connecting people to jobs in our communities.  This amendment is important because it will preserve Wisconsin’s vital transit systems.

According to the Federal Transit Act, continued receipt of federal transit aid “requires the continuation of any collective bargaining rights that were in place when the employer started receiving federal funds.” Special Session Assembly/Senate Bill 11 strips away these employee rights, which will result in a loss of $46.6 million for transit systems throughout Wisconsin, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.  This amendment exempts transit workers from losing bargaining rights if the municipal employer would lose federal funding.

Please contact your legislators as soon as possible.
AB 11 is scheduled for discussion and possible vote in the Assembly TODAY – Feb 22
Find your legislator here:  or call 1-800-362-9472

Journal Sentinel article: Federal transit aid gets mired in budget bill
“The measure by Gov. Scott Walker would strip most union rights away from most public employees. That could put in danger federal aid for buses because U.S. law requires that collective bargaining rights remain in place to get federal funds, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.”

Please help pass the message on to others who are fighting to save our valuable services and programs.   This long standing state-federal-local relationship should not be threatened by lack of stakeholder input or hasty legislative action.

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