Although legislative action has wound down with the close of the session in spring, transit continues to pop up in the news.  AND, more importantly, Milwaukee County has begun discussion for its next budget transit is at the forefront and the cuts they are discussing are serious.   Thanks to our friends at the Make It Work Milwaukee Coalition for putting this information together.

Departments have submitted their proposed 2011 budgets to the County Executive – he will consider them as he develops his own proposed budget for the Board to consider.   This is a key time for advocates to share their priorities with the County Executive and ask him to address them in his 2011 budget.   Please take action today – see details below:

Concerns Regarding Proposed Transit Budget

The budget proposed by Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) includes many transit services reductions.  A number of routes are completely eliminated, some route segments are eliminated, as well as reductions in hours of operation.  The proposed budget also includes a proposed increase to the Paratransit fare, and the potential for reductions in the paratransit service area if the state changes the way they reimburse for Title XIX paratransit rides.

Action Requested

  • We still have a window of opportunity to influence the County Executive as he prepares his 2011 budget.  Contact him today to let him know how important transit and paratransit services are and urge him to maintain services.
  • Contact your County Supervisor and ask them to prioritize funding for transit and paratransit services in the 2011 County Budget.
  • Visit the C.A.T. Group Site/Listserv for a full list of proposed service cuts, reductions and contact information for County Supervisors. (page can also be accessed at

Recent articles

Earlier this week Scott Bernstein from the Center for Neighborhood Technology wrote this editorial that talks about rising transportation costs for individuals and families and the need to act now:

And not to far south of us, Chicago’s Metropolitan Planning Council reported recently that local lifestyles cause surge in transit demand. The Chicago Tribune released poll results over the weekend showing residents across the region think transit investment is more important than money for roads. Among the key findings:

  • By a 2:1 margin, Chicago-area residents said mass transit funding is a higher priority than funding to improve or build expressways and tollways.
  • In the suburbs, 52 percent of survey respondents sided with public transit, compared with 32 percent for roads.
  • In Chicago, 76 percent favor more transit investment.

For a link to the full article and post:

Is there a way to convince the majority of southeast Wisconsin residents of the same?  Time will tell…

Moving Forward Together
The Coalition for Advancing Transit