As we head into summer transit happenings have slowed down a bit now that the legislative session is over.  However, there has been some coverage on various issues and projects including KRM, transportation funds in the state budget and the county budget cycle has begun.

Below are some links to articles and stories from the past month – we hope this helps you stay in the loop!  Also remember if you plan to go to any of the festivals in the City of Milwaukee or Brewers games, MCTS is a great way to travel! Visit for details on festival shuttles, game-day buses and more.

Here’s a link to a recent straw poll on transit support – let’s everybody vote!

And lastly, special thanks to one of our members for posting this fun video from Denmark where a community shows some love for their bus driver on his birthday… Enjoy!

Moving Forward Together
The Coalition for Advancing Transit

  • There is a coalition that has formed to introduce a state constitutional amendment that would segregate funds raised from the gas tax in a “lock box” for “transportation.” (  As currently proposed, this amendment would benefit transit – the funds would be used for roads AND transit.  Transportation Development Association (TDA) posted a recent perspective on this (scroll down to Executive Perspective):
  • Easter Seals Project ACTION’s 2010 Paratransit Online Dialogue begins July 26, 2010…Project ACTION will host a two-week, online event where participants from across the country will have the opportunity to discuss issues pertaining to ADA-complementary paratransit services. The dialogue coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Public transportation and disability services agencies are experiencing challenges in providing ADA paratransit service due to economic conditions and service cuts. Decisions are being made on how to best provide mobility on a tight budget, and in many cases that means cutting service or finding flexible ways to accommodate customers.  Share your experiences, paratransit practices, challenges, and recommendations!  Learn more and sign up for email updates at their website.
  • This editorial appeared in the Journal Sentinel Crossroads section a few weeks ago and provides some interesting historical perspective by John Gurda: 150 years and transit’s condition is ‘guarded’
  • How does transportation policy affect public health? A few recent reports show how.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention became one of the first agencies to weigh- in on the federal transportation reauthorization – and transportation choice is front and center in their recommendations, including promoting healthy community design, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, expanding public transportation options, reducing injury, improving air quality and much more.  Learn more by visiting the Complete Streets blog and scroll down to “Transportation and Health Policy.’  Additionally the American Public Health Association also shows how the U.S. transportation system contributes to soaring health costs and impedes progress towards improving public health.  They show how policy change can have a transformative effect.  Read the Backgrounder or the Complete Report and learn more.
  • This recent “People Speak” poll done by the Public Policy Forum and the Center for Urban Initiatives and Research shows strong support for dedicated funding for buses through a sales tax. Great news! Unfortunately most of the coverage has focused on declining support for rail projects. C.A.T. continues to advocate for and support efforts to build a multi-modal regional transportation system, which would include a variety of ways to get around.  The buses need the support NOW….this seems to show they have it and we’ll continue to build on this!