We thank you all for your hard work, support and calls/contacts to legislators over the past year.  We know that we have reached out and asked a lot of you, especially in the last 6-8 weeks.  But consider tomorrow, Thursday April 22nd, transit’s very own “D-Day.”   

 The final vote on AB-282 has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 22nd along with reconsideration of amendment 2 requiring a binding referendum in Milw Co.   A senate vote for tomorrow must also be scheduled by Senate Leader Russ Decker.

The amendment for reconsideration mandates a binding referendum in Milwaukee County to allow a sales tax for transit and removal of transit costs from the property tax levy.  This amendment was passed even though a referendum in Nov. 2008 was already approved by Milwaukee County voters to do the very same thing.  Currently, the RTA bill’s language states that this suffices.

This added referendum takes us backward to move forward and wastes valuable time and money.  The people have spoken on this issue and Milwaukee’s crisis is urgent.  Let’s move forward and solve the transit crisis now.

Your Actions Are Needed Today and Tomorrow: THIS IS IT!
Our last opportunity…We need to give it everything!

  1. Call your Representative and Senator ASAP, this is CRUCIAL especially if you live in these districts:  Reps. Cullen, Staskunus, Krusick, Honadel, and Stone.  Senators Sullivan and Darling—all of whom plan to vote NO or are undecided.
  2. Call Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker and tell him you support AB-282 and want the Senate to schedule a vote.  877-496-0472 or Sen.Decker@legis.wisconsin.gov


Throughout yesterday’s debate in the Assembly on AB-282 a great deal of progress was made—and many attacks on transit were thwarted.  Our deep appreciation to our unflappable transit champions in the Assembly.  They pulled out all the stops yesterday:  Our thanks goes out to Reps Peter Barca, Tamara Grigsby, Chris Sinicki, Cory Mason, and others.  If you get a chance, send them an email or call and express your thanks.

See below for reasons why we need to act NOW to support AB-282.  This bill gives SE WI and all communities in Wisconsin the ability to vote locally to create RTAs and save our steeply declining local transit systems, create jobs and economic growth, and give people in SE WI much needed property tax relief.

We thank you again for your support and efforts – remember, now is our time to shine and show how important transit is to our local communities!

 AB-282 is about JOBS and economic development that we desperately need!

  • There are many trades people and entire neighborhoods that are at 50% unemployment!  How can we not pass this jobs bill?
  • Milwaukee will lose 1/3 of its bus service beginning in January 2011.  Racine and Kenosha are not far behind.
  • This is in addition to the 20% service cuts and 50% fare increases that have taken place over the past 7 years. 60,000 jobs will become inaccessible by transit if we continue down this path.
  • Dollars will stay in communities that they are raised in and local elected officials must vote to create the RTA’s and designate funding sources and amounts.  
  • This legislation enables local communities to form an RTA.  No community is forced to belong to an RTA.
  • If legislators oppose the RTA, ask them what their Plan B is for their constituents when their buses are cut and they can’t get to work or to school or the doctor’s office, and those whose jobs and economic development do not materialize.