Yesterday the State Legislature went through a marathon session that lasted until this morning.  They caucused and debated for some time on amendments to AB-282 in the wee hours of the night.  They approved amendments to require “no lobbying with funds from the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SERTA)” and “removal of Walworth County” from the bill.  There was also an amendment introduced to require Milwaukee County to go through another referendum process – hold a binding referendum instead of the advisory referendum that was already approved by Milwaukee County voters in 2008 – but it was tabled.

The vote on the bill itself was moved to Thursday, April 22nd along with reconsideration of the Milwaukee referendum amendment.  There were a number of state legislators that worked very hard to try to ensure that the bill continues to move forward and local communities are enabled to put in place the measures needed to save and invest in their bus systems.

 The job is not done yet!   We must get this done on Thursday in the Assembly and the Senate.  Let’s not take steps backward by rehashing the transit referendum, why should we go backward to move forward?

Call your legislators TODAY and FIGHT FOR THE RTA BILL!   Tell them you support this legislation – it will allow Milwaukee County to form an RTA and dedicate a 0.5% sales tax for transit while removing it from the property tax, as was ALREADY APPROVED by Milwaukee County voters in the 2008 Advisory Referendum.

  • Visit the County tabs on this website for legislative contacts.  Don’t know who your legislator is?  Call 1-800-362-9472 or visit “Who Represents Me?” to search by address.
  • If your legislators are Representatives Colon, Cullen, Honadel, Krusik, Staskunas, Stone and Young OR Senators Sullivan and Lehman, it is VERY important you call them AGAIN and let them know of your support.
  • If you get a chance, call and thank Representatives Peter Barca, Jeff Stone and Tamara Grigsby for their tireless work to keep this bill moving forward.

Also….PLAN TO GO TO MADISON ON THURSDAY APRIL 22, EARTH DAY!  Get to the Capitol Building by 10:00AM in Room 412E for a briefing.  Then, they will drop into offices – let legislators know what your expectations are and why the RTA is the best solution. 

On Thursday the Assembly and hopefully the Senate will be hearing RTA bills and deciding the future of transit in WI.  Be there and fight for the RTA Bill in person!  Many other advocates and supporters will be there.  If you plan to travel to Madison, please let Kerry know:

We will keep you updated as we hear things on Thursday!

Moving Forward Together
The Coalition for Advancing Transit