Last week transit supporters across the state stated their message loud and clear – we thank you!!  The press conferences in Madison and Milwaukee were overflowing and brimming with energy.  The outspoken speakers represented the broad coalition base that RTAs enjoy.   Because of these efforts, nearly 200 business and labor leaders, elected officials, and citizen transit advocates descended on Madison to push for RTA legislation and “jobs, jobs, jobs.” 

10 hours of testimony and no opposition makes a powerful statement!
During this time, we showed overwhelming support for RTA legislation.  Major letters of endorsement were delivered including labor (representing 250,000 workers), CEOs and businesses, and nearly 100 community organizations and businesses across the state.  The hearing room was packed and 2 overflow rooms held dozens more transit supporters.  Many thanks to advocates for their compelling and heartfelt testimony that provided the committee with a sound foundation for their decision-making.  Kudos go out to the Assembly Committee on Transportation members and advocates alike for their respectful attention, thoughtful comments, and endurance throughout an exciting and very long day.

Next steps: Don’t let up!  The successful hearing left little room for doubt that an RTA bill needs to pass in the next 5 weeks.  The Chairman and other members discussed uniting all transit proponents behind one omnibus bill to capture the votes to pass a bill.  This is a very big challenge, but do-able with the right support.  OUR KEY PRIORITY IS BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT!  Keep transit top on the agenda.  

Please take a moment to express your appreciation to the Transportation Committee and your legislators for their efforts and urge them to “Get it Done.”  

Moving Forward Together
The Coalition for Advancing Transit

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