There are 3 important ways to help save our transit system, help grow jobs and economic development, AND have a great time on Thursday, March 11, the day of the all-important Assembly hearing on transit legislation in Madison. This hearing is to get the public’s input on this issue. It is imperative that you make your support known!


  1. Also, join us at a PRESS CONFERENCE/RALLY in Milwaukee at 9:00AM on Thursday
  2. Attend the HEARING IN MADISON on regional transit issues at 11:00AM for the SE WI bills
  3. IF YOU CAN’T GO, please make calls or send emails by Wednesday, March 10!  We have heard that Legislators really want to hear from regular people, i.e. their constituents, as well as groups and businesses.

Details on how you can do 1, 2, and 3 are below!

Rally support for RTA legislation on Thursday at 9:00AM in Milwaukee
Join transit advocates, and labor, business, and elected leaders at a press conference to send off advocates on buses to Madison to fight for RTA and better transit.  Help stir up some big energy and positive press to set up a great hearing day!  Meet at 3850 N 35th St., the former Tower Automotive site, DPW Field Headquarters, bus route 35.

Most important of all…attend the hearing at the State Capital on Thursday, March 11!  Please voice your support of legislation to save local transit.  You can give testimony and/or register in favor of RTA legislation.  Be sure to bring copies of your comments for the committee, and drop off a copy at your legislators’ office.  

  • Not sure how this works? Visit 
    for a Guide to the Assembly Hearing.
  • The hearing will start at 10:00AM on Thursday and will be held in 412 East in the State Capitol building (Note – new location!!) The SE WI bills are later on the agenda – arrive by 11:00AM and you should be there in time to register.

If you are UNABLE TO ATTEND the hearing be sure to call, write, or email the Assembly Transportation Committee before Thursday, March 11   

Tell them to act now to save our local transit systems, with dedicated funding and a regional approach for transit we can create jobs and spur economic growth.

We will continue to keep you updated as things move along. In the meantime, help us spread the word!  Forward this information to your friends, neighbors and colleagues – ask them to join us in making sure SE WI moves forward with a strong economic future.