The Assembly’s Transportation Committee will hold a hearing for AB-723 on THURSDAY, MARCH 11 at 10:00AM ~ 417 North (GAR Hall), State Capitol Building, Madison. 

As we’ve been saying, this is truly a critical time for transit in SE WI.  We need ALL supporters to step up their activity on the day of the hearing and let legislators know we want to see a solution in this session.  Here’s how:

  1. Attend the hearing and provide your testimony.  Wear green, the unofficial “transit support color.”  You can submit it in written form, as well as sign up to speak.  If you go with a group, you can have one person read it out loud with members standing behind.  All of these are very effective ways to show you support legislative efforts to fix transit.
  2. If you can’t get to Madison, call your legislators and then contact members of the Transportation Committee or leaders that day and tell them you support this effort to fix transit.  See below for specific contact links OR go to or call 1-800-362-9472 to be connected to Committee members. 
  3. Follow the Hearing Day action on Twitter and the CAT website.  We’ll send out more information on this next week.

If you’d like to attend the hearing with a group, buses will be provided by the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998.  The hearing is scheduled to start at 10:00AM and AB-723 is near the end of the agenda so plan on being there all-day if you go with them.  If people want to sign up to take the bus to Madison, please RSVP to Kristi at the Coalition for Advancing Transti: or 414-562-9904 by 5PM Tuesday, March 9.  ATU 998 will contact them for details on where to meet, etc.

Transit in the News…
Given the importance of the issue, there has been a lot of coverage on transit issues in our local media.   We have seen Letters to the Editor, business and labor leaders speaking out, and yesterday an announcement by state legislators that they are continuing to tweak the bills before them related to regional transit authorities (RTAs) and dedicated funding options.  (

As outlined in this article, legislators are considering the many options they have before them.  It is SO important that transit supporters continue to state that we support a truly regional approach (with an RTA) and dedicated funding (sales tax = property tax relief) to save and invest in our local transit systems. 

Want more information and talking points? 

CONTACT LINKS:  Call your legislators and these leaders – show your support!