Thanks to transit champions in the legislature, bills to allow communities to form Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) and ensure dedicated funding for transit were introduced into the Assembly and Senate over the past two weeks. 

The Assembly Bill, AB-723, has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Transportation.  The next step is for the Committee to schedule a hearing – this is critically important to advancing these bills.

Now is the time to urge legislators to keep these bills moving through this process.  They need to hear from constituents that NOW IS THE TIME, so we are asking you to help:

  • Call YOUR legislator – tell them they need to schedule a hearing for AB-723 now.  Ask them to talk to their colleagues about the importance of resolving the crisis facing our local transit systems in SE WI.
  • Contact Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan and Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker.  Tell them you support AB-723 and SB-511 and want to see them move forward in the legislative process now.

Contact links are below – the Assembly Committee’s outcome is very important to keep the process moving.  All hands on deck!  Stay tuned…as soon as we hear of a hearing date and time we will let you know.  We need as many people as possible to show up in Madison that day.

Want to know more?  Visit to view past “Advocate Alerts” and learn the facts.  To access a copy of the bills, click here:

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