Over the next few weeks, the state legislature will be reviewing the proposed state budget.  TODAY, the Assembly began to caucus on various budget issues.  They will begin voting on Wednesday.  Our OVERALL GOAL has been to advocate for a permanent regional transit authority with a dedicated funding source will improve and enhance our current transit systems and create a dynamic, multimodal network in southeast Wisconsin.  The time is NOW to ensure that this becomes a reality.  


  1. Contact your State Assembly representative
  2. Reach out to Assembly leaders from the Milwaukee area
  3. Submit a Letter to the Editor

Thank state legislators for their hard work and support of the transit issue.  Let them know you support a permanent regional authority and dedicated funding source for transit.  You can do this by calling, writing a letter or emailing them.  It is very important that they hear from citizens on this issue by the end of this week, if not TODAY or tomorrow (June 8-9)


Your State Legislator:  Visit www.legis.wisconsin.gov and click on the “Who Represents Me?” link in the middle of the page. After inputting your address, it will bring up your state legislators and their contact information.  Please feel free to call Kristi at (414) 562-9904 if you do not have computer access or require assistance!

Also, visit http://groups.google.com/group/coalition-for-advancing-transit to access a full list of legislators and their contact information, as well as TALKING POINTS.  Scroll down to the Discussion Board.  Look for the message that says “Coalition for Advancing Transit ACTION ALERT ~ State Budget debates underway!” – there is a PDF file you can open/print, etc.

REMEMBER! It’s important that they hear from you and others THIS week.  Pass this along to friends, neighbors, colleagues and other friends of transit.  YOU can make a difference for transit in SE WI!