From our friends at Transit Now…YOUR support is needed NOW more than ever if we are to bring SE WI’s transit systems into the 21st century!



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We have come to a deciding moment for our region.
Your voice is very important and is needed by Tuesday April 28.

Governor Doyle included a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for SE Wisconsin, Dane County, and the Fox Valley in his budget and now the Joint Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on the RTA on Thursday morning April 30th. Their vote will play a role in determining the future of the RTA – and the future of our region.

Now is the Time That Our Voice Needs to be Heard Loud and Clear

What’s at stake?
The very fabric of our communities and economy. An RTA would create urgently needed access to over a million jobs, create of tens of thousands new jobs, revitalize neighborhoods and business districts, and a regional transit network that is crucial to attracting businesses, jobs, talent, and customers. The future of our economy, community, and quality of life are riding on the creation of a permanent RTA.

The RTA is our best (and possibly last) chance to avoid bankruptcy of our bus systems, build KRM Commuter Rail, and bring a major infusion of federal, state, and local dollars, both public and private, to our cities. Plus, the RTA can give us property tax relief! (See details)

Without an RTA in 2009, transit services will be slashed and people will be cut off from jobs, workers and employers alike will be hard hit, and businesses, jobs and federal dollars will continue to go elsewhere while we fall further behind. KRM and its accessibility and economic benefits will be sidelined, or even lost. Our current transit structure and funding source can no longer support our region’s needs.

Please take action NOW (by April 28th at latest)
If you have not contacted Joint Finance Committee members, NOW is the time. If you have contacted them, thank you! Please call or send an urgent reminder and let them know that the RTA is vitally important to you and to our region, cities, families, and businesses. Ask associates, friends, neighbors to voice their opinion by forwarding this action alert.

We have come a long way and accomplished so much in reaching this pivotal point. Support is strong but there are still major challenges. Now we are poised to get a win for this major milestone and it will take everyone’s voice.

Take action today!
Take a moment now to contact key legislators and urge them to:

  • Support the Governor’s RTA proposal.
  • Add property tax relief by removing transit from the property tax levy and instituting up to a half cent sales tax.
  • I need your leadership now and I’m counting on you to find a way to keep the Governor’s RTA proposal in the budget.
  • There is no more time to discuss alternatives. We risk getting nothing, and then we will continue to struggle with unemployment and job loss. We will lose the urgently needed job creation, economic growth, and regional job connections that the RTA would provide. Transit services will be slashed due to funding shortages and people will be cut off from employment, and businesses will lose access to the workeforce.
  • Please give us the option of deciding how to address transit in our communities. The RTA legislation itself does not impose an RTA or any taxes. It empowers our communities to decide this issue for themselves.

Contact these decision makers
Thank you to those who have already voiced your opinion to these legislators! Please let us know that you’ve made contact and what response you received. Click here

1. Your state Senator and Representative.
    Need contact info or don’t know who your representatives are? Click here.

2. Contact key Joint Finance Committee members from SE Wisconsin:

Senator John Lehman (Racine) especially needs to hear from you!
(608) 266-1832 (866) 615-7510, Fax (608) 267-6793,
PO Box 7882, Madison, 53707

Representative Cory Mason (Racine)
(608) 266-0634,
PO Box 8953, Madison, 53708

Representative Robin Vos (Racine)
888 534-0063, 608 282-3663 fax,
PO Box 8953, Madison, 53708

Representative Pedro Colon (Milwaukee)
888 534-0008, 608 282-3608 fax,
PO Box 8952, Madison, 53708

Representative Tamara Grigsby (Milwaukee)
888 534-0018, 608 282-3618 fax,
PO Box 8952, Madison, 53708

Senator Lena Taylor (Milwaukee)
608 266-5810, 608 267-2353 fax,
PO Box 7882, Madison, 53707

Senator Alberta Darling (Milwaukee)
608 266-5830, 608 267-0588 fax,
PO Box 7882, Madison, 53707

See talking points
See more about the Governor’s RTA proposal
Learn more about why an RTA is urgently needed now.
Learn more about why a sales tax is a smarter way to invest in our transportation infrastructure.

Contact Kerry at
262-246-6151 with questions, to get email updates, more information, or to schedule a briefing or presentation.

Thank you!

Talking Points: Why an RTA is Vital NOW

Transit: Essential Support for a Strong Economy

Transit plays a pivotal role in our growth as a vibrant economic region and state, and our success in competing in the global marketplace.

  • Save our bus systems and avoid massive service cuts that cut people off from jobs, and have a devastating effect on families, businesses, and our economy
  • Garner more federal investments in our transportation system that will create new transit accessible jobs
  • Create a modern regional transit network including KRM Commuter Rail that will build wealth and a better quality of life by:
    • Connecting people to over a million jobs using existing rail right-of-way
    • Creating jobs and spur sustainable economic development
    • Attracting the businesses, jobs, and talent that will build wealth in SE Wisconsin
    • Giving people property tax relief and an alternative to the high cost of fuel
    • Reducing our dependence on foreign oil

A permanent regional transit authority with a dedicated funding source will improve and enhance our current transit systems and create a dynamic, multimodal network in southeast Wisconsin that is so essential to a strong economy and a good quality of life.
Action Needed: Regional Coordination and a Dedicated Funding Source
We need a stable, dedicated funding source to provide transit service, stabilize existing bus systems and to receive needed federal infrastructure dollars.  The Governor included an RTA as a transit funding source and regional coordinator of transit in his state budget proposal; it now needs approval from the state Legislature.